Welcome to the Community Microgrids Planning Academy – an online education platform for local government officials and other stakeholders across New Jersey who are interested in exploring the potential for a microgrid in their communities.

The site is organized into 5 key sections.

  • Basics provides an introduction to what microgrids are and how they work, organized into four modules:
    What is a Microgrid; Benefits and Challenges; Key Components; and Technologies
  • Development Process provides a high level overview of all the steps necessary to develop, build and operate a microgrid.
  • Planning reviews a series of critical first steps needed to create a successful microgrid development plan: Project Initiation; Preliminary Site Identification; First-Level Screening; Second-Level Screening and Microgrid Development Plan
  • Resources includes a curated list of publications and web sites that provide additional information on microgrids
  • Tutorials provides a series of presentations and podcasts that feature experts in specific microgrid topic areas

The Community Microgrids Planning Academy was developed by the Center for Resilient Design at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, in cooperation with Greener by Design, LLC and the Regional Plan Association.

Funding for the Academy was provided by a grant from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development and managed by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs’ Office of Planning Services.